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"A beautiful exception is Jak Malone’s tender solo as yearning clerk Hester; as the lights fade around him, it’s as if nothing else matters in the world."

- The Guardian

Jak Malone mixes comedy with devastating emotional clout.                                                     - Lyn Gardener, Stagedoor

the prize must go to Jak Malone who not only manages to bring almost everyone to tears, but morphs into a sea captain, reporter and a coroner in split seconds and with chameleonic skill.                              -Musical Theatre Review

Jak Malone is a northern Actor, currently living and working in London.


Jak performs predominantly in musical theatre and but has an extensive actor toolkit and has also worked in TV and Radio.

Jak trained in Acting at The Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts before making the move to London and working steadily since. Debuting in the hit new musical 'Operation Mincemeat', where he received outstanding critical feedback.

Jak is currently unrepresented but has worked tirelessly to form strong industry links and is auditioning regularly.

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